At least one time in your own life, its probable you’ve been part of an Android versus iPhone debate. Both of them are always right into a fight regarding who is the greatest. While iPhones have numerous amazing features, Androids will never be in it. However, it needs to be recognized there are a couple of fantastic features that just Android users can also enjoy. Although it won’t put an finish towards the debate and can surely put some arguments in support of the Android users.

Listed here are 7 Android features that can make iPhone users jealous –

1.Make use of the apps you would like, and not the apps Google wants you to definitely us

Towards the greatest disappointment of iPhone users, they can’t change their default application settings. However, Android users can alter everything. From switching their default browser as Firefox or Opera to altering their default messaging application as truecaller, they are able to get it all. Although Apple added the feature to delete its apps from iOS, it doesn’t provide you with the choice to set a default application. Whereas, on Android, you are able to set your personal default apps simply by opening ‘Settings’, clicking at ‘Apps & notifications’ after which selecting ‘Default apps’. You are able to control everything in a couple of taps.

1.Google Assistant for that win

While Apple provides its users with Siri, Android users aren’t left alone. They’ve Google Assistant that is a a lot more comprehensive application than Siri. Also, Google Assistant can access Google’s large database and may easily understand a variety of demands. Google Assistant will help you by linking along with other apps in your phone that will help you together with your reminders or contacts. You may also control other appliances of your house for those who have your smart home devices linked to your phone. Even though the iOS users can download Google Assistant, they are able to never utilize it his or her default personal assistant.

1.Use two apps at the same time through split-screen mode

Split-screen is really a feature quite useful and enables you to definitely multitask. You can easily see a video online and talk to your buddies on WhatsApp, or reference information from the document while creating an e-mail. Though iPadOS13 has this selection, we do not know why apples haven’t incorporated this yet in the iPhones. To gain access to split-screen on Android, all you need to do is locate the split-screen option in the multitasking menu, however this can vary from phone to phone. You may also adjust how big the split-screen by dragging the joining line between two apps.

1.Personalize your house screen precisely how you want it

Every Android includes a desltop as well as an application drawer where one can arrange apps based on your requirements. You may also arrange apps in your desltop how you wish to. While Android provides you with full freedom, Apple has apps arranged inside a  rigid grid on its desltop. You can’t arrange them by any means but like on Androids you may make application folders. On Android phones, you may also set widgets while Apple doesn’t have such option because this.

1.You should use launchers to completely personalize your phone

One method to personalize your whole phone is by using Launchers. Launchers can alter the appear and feel of the entire phone which makes it more personal of computer already is. You will find multiple launchers available, for example Microsoft’s Launcher, Apex Launchers, etc. When you dive in to the pool of launchers and begin exploring them, there isn’t any returning. It’s difficult to imagine Apple getting this type of feature for that iPhone in the near future.

1.Never become bored because of instantly altering wallpapers

If you wish to help make your phone look new every single day but shouldn’t waste time and effort on exploring launchers, Google Wallpaper’s Application is perfect for you. This application can change your house screen and lock screen wallpaper every single day to provide you with a brand new feel. All that you should do is pick a couple of styles from the group of beautiful wallpapers and rest will be performed through the application instantly. You are able to really achieve this much with the little.

1.See a video and text simultaneously

Maybe you have seen how easily you should use Google Maps to navigate and simultaneously make use of your Instagram without getting to shut the apps? Google Maps transforms itself right into a small window at a corner of your screen that will help you fun two apps simultaneously. This really is known as the image-in-picture feature which arrived to the scene with Android Oreo in 2017. Since that time, you can view a relevant video online and then leave the application to text someone as the video keeps using the little thumbnail at a corner of the screen. You just need to click that thumbnail to return to full screen your YouTube video. Maybe you have seen such feature around the iPhone? We haven’t , since it doesn’t exist.

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