Most of the Android users have agreed that Android apps make use of the largest protuberances of the mobile space. Although a lot of clouds support for video, music, photos, lots of people search for a lot for any phone to consider tramping and hanging.

Size – the main trouble in the Application Development

According to Google’s statistics, 90% from the cellular devices operate on the Android platform, and you will find nearly 2.8 million apps within the Play Store. The data reveal that your competition and difficulty for making the applying effective on the market.

Put into it, Google also mentioned that mobile application which has size greater than 150MB installing the applying could be decreased to 30% as well as for every increase of 6MB size the rate of conversion for installation can drop to at least onePercent. Out of this, Android application developers should think about the reality that how big the applying plays a significant role in application installation as 805 from the users assess it.

A few of the primary causes of the rise in application dimensions are that the majority of the application developers concentrate more about supplying high features, an array of screen sizes, attractive UX designs and much more. All of this helps make the application to build up inside a bigger size. So, are you currently searching for methods to lessen how big the application? Then continue studying the content.

5 New ways to lessen the size during the time of application development

Image compression

The look size could be easily reduced by compressing the pictures without diluting the standard. Many free and compensated tools can be found online for conversion. A few of the tools are pack digital suit .digital file and guetzli compression are the best tools available. There are specific stages where some images could be made with dynamic sources. For the reason that situation, the framework is sufficient to design the pictures dynamically in the runtime. It’s suggested to compress or convert the .digital and .png images to .webp web image format to lessen how big the look without having affected the standard.

Remove Unnecessary Code

It’s quite common in mobile application development that developers hang to code’s footprint where codes are generated instantly. Example, there are lots of protocol buffer tools to build up classes and techniques excessively which codes aren’t any way best to the applying because they are just likely to expand the application. So, developers must find the code that’s repetitive and unused and take away it to optimize how big the applying.

Reuse sources

In some cases, reusing the present sources is preferable to removing or adding sources. For instance, you’ll have discreet sources to create images relating to orientation, tints, and shades. You should use exactly the same existing sources to create other images by customizing in line with the needs. Reusing the present sources can help you in scrolling performance from the application and significantly cuts down on the size.

Remove unused class and sources

The Android studio includes a static code analyzer referred to as lint that may evaluate and identify the unwanted class and sources contained in the code. Whenever lint tools crawl the code and discover the unused sources, it throws messages these sources are unused. If you wish to remove sources and classes instantly, then Gradle is the greatest choice.

Maintain APK files

In certain APKs the information is added together with code, but it’s hardly utilized in the event. For instance, add-ons like additional languages come with the APKs which aren’t necessary but they are downloaded anyway. One the easy way eliminate this really is by uploading the application within the Google Play Store through Android Application Bundles. Google will optimize the APKs in line with the device configuration and removes unused content within the APKs.


Always, remember slimmer the application size greater may be the performance from the application download rate. So , focus on the tips pointed out above to optimize your application and generate a highly reliable application.

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