Although the field of Fortnite Season 2 is persisting in altering every single day however, in the past couple of days, its maps are altering quite quickly. Thus, the members are actually busy in going through the maps instead of recently showed up occasions and aspects.

A brand new weekly challenge has lately showed up within the Fortnite, and one of these necessitates the gamers to navigate all of the secret hideouts of Shadow to kill Henchmen. To achieve this mission, the members need to use the maps wisely these types of various alterations in the map. Now, gamers are facing difficulty in finishing this concern. Within this blog, we will give a proper workaround to assist the members. The workaround includes a certain technique to find all of the safe house locations in Fortnite.

Locations of Shadow Safe House

There’s a final amount of 5 Shadow safe houses located in the realm of Fortnite. However, to accomplish the next mission, the members need to visit only three. As compared to the base houses of Fortnite, the safe houses are very smaller sized wide. The members need to find the footprints from the Shadow to obtain the safe houses. However, the members don’t take this gently because there are several Henchmen present in the door from the safe house to protect them. Alongside, successfully achieving this concern are only able to be acquired once the gamers visit any three safe houses and kill one Henchman each and every house. So, it’s important to have interaction using the Henchmen. Here we have particularly produced a summary of all five safe houses locations.

•           Misty Meadows: The members will discover among the safe houses in the north portion of the Misty Meadows.

•           Holly Hedges: Players can certainly find another safe house in the northern side of Carol Hedges.

•           Frenzy Farm: Gamers require to go to the east portion of the Craze Farm, and on top of that island, they’ll discover the safe house of Shadow.

•           Craggy Coves: Players can certainly look for a safe house within the Southeast portion of the Rugged Coves area.

•           Pleasant Park: The members may also look for a safe house within the eastern region from the Enjoyable Park area.

It’s totally to the gamers which three safe houses location they would rather visit. We simply recommended they choose the three locations where are close to one another and could be covered in one match. However, gamers may take just as much time as they like, but it’ll surely affect their game level and points. When the gamers could arrange a Choppa, then it might be really quite simple to allow them to even visit all of the five locations in a single game. It’s also advisable to utilize a lethal weapon to kill Henchmen as their one move can lead to restart the mission.


Now of Fortnite is going to be considered the very best till now through the gamers because it featured a Doomsday device alongside Midas introduction. This is certainly a notification by Epic Games that prior to the Season 2 ends, they will provide something super-exciting towards the gamers.

Fortnite could be performed on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4 , Mobile and PC.

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